Wednesday, 22 August 2007

This is me just before I was born in Second Life,
in this incarnation I was an Angel but now I'm a fallen angel.
I have many names and many guises like my good friend Zeus.
I recall meeting a pretty decent sorta fella in a desert a long time ago, he asked - no demanded to know my name! I spake to him thus:
"We are Legion and we are many."
the rest is old news, he never did play ball - two legends were born; well when I say 'two' what I really mean is him and us and when I say 'us' I guess I really am referring to the multi-personality and souls that we are.
It's known as multiple personality disorder where you come from, sometimes just plain schizophrenia. I believe it is regarded as some sort of illness.
I am not too sure why; personality is a great quality and I have lots of them. Disorder is a specialty of mine and it has been my business since the beginning of time itself.

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