Friday, 24 August 2007

The Glorious Krimson Gor

I explained to Krimson that I had come to Second Life to continue my work from Real Life. I had left Real Life in pretty good shape or bad depending on your perspective. I had been there working almost single-handed for over 2000 years; of course I had help, even I alone could not have achieved the chaos and levels of disorder that you may presently find on planet earth.
The devil does indeed make work for idle hands and boy did we have some idle slackers to work with!
We placed people in positions of power, we played with politics, did deals. It didn't matter that we set government against government, nation against nation, people against people. Hell yeah, Satan Industries franchised so much stuff it was hard to keep track. We even set-up business to compete against each other. One of my earliest successes was my foray into the carbonated soft drinks industry: "Take the piss-poor test" or how about? "Cocaine Cola - it's the real sting!"
Who cares what your kids choose? Their teeth fall out either way.
We even got Satan Claws dressed up in the red and white; quite a marketing coup! Anyways I digress, I was the newb on the block and was going to need help in adapting to my new environment and Krimmy was like a gift from heaven so to speak with the added bonus being the unwrapping of that gorgeous package.

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