Friday, 24 August 2007

Dival Sassoon And A Quick Blood-Bath

So in keeping with all things evil-devil Krimson took me shop-lifting.
We got me some mean lookin' twisted threads. I got formal and abnormal lots of latex but no leather; I am a beast you see and would rather eat human flesh than have anything to do with beast products; the horned one is vegan and better for it.
I had always admired the Gor ones hair; she has such beautiful blood-red-tresses to match whatever her state of undress. I had to get me some of those.
With that in mind Krim called up her good friend and world renowned hair stylist Dival Sassoon in two shakes of a lambs tail he knew exactly what I needed and brought me the head of Kurt Cobain (a man who's life and style I had much admired) we took his hair and I think it looks pretty damned good, even if I say so myself and I do!
Just time for a quick (blood) bath and then it's off dancin'
(to my tune of course).

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