Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The Good, The Mad And The Furry.

BalthazarB Barthelmess: *Dials up Fender* Brrr Brrr...Brrr...
Fender Todd: Hello?
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Hi Fender, it's Balthazar.
Fender Todd: Hello, dear, and how are you?
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Chilled..
BalthazarB Barthelmess: just finished meditating..
BalthazarB Barthelmess: and you?
Fender Todd: Oh, catching-up on various things... trying to stay cool hee hee.
BalthazarB Barthelmess: The fur probably doesn't help, tho' for a furry you seem pretty cool to me.
Fender Todd: Well I'm not shaving it off!
BalthazarB Barthelmess: No I think a Brazilian would look a little funny on a furry, a bit like a reverse mohawk!
Fender Todd chuckles.
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Balthy chuckles with fender.
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Oh it is good to chuckle.
Fender Todd: "A chuckle a day keeps the undertaker away."
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Most true.
BalthazarB Barthelmess: I've been laughing my nuts off for the last two millenia, hasn't done me any harm!

Fender Todd: Um...Balthy dear? It's always lovely to chat but is there a point to this call? I am a very busy fox after all.
BalthazarB Barthelmess: A point? is..was...oh yes! Did you get the photo I took the other evening?
Fender Todd: Is this some sort of shake-down Balthy?
BalthazarB Barthelmess: No! No! I wouldn't dream of it. I think for a quick snap it does you justice...more justice than you would get if you came before me in court!
Fender Todd: You are starting to lose me, dear. I can't follow your 90 degree turns anymore :)
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Sorry, it happens.
Fender Todd: I'm not complaining, I'm just letting you know.
Fender Todd: hee hee hee.
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Perhaps it's the difference between species?
BalthazarB Barthelmess: It wouldn't matter if you were complaining; it's incurable!
BalthazarB Barthelmess: I've been diagnosed random...
BalthazarB Barthelmess: here and there...
Fender Todd: Hither and thither?
BalthazarB Barthelmess: So! What did you have for breakfast today?
Fender Todd: Balthy dear! You know I don't eat breakfast, except for a cup of coffee.
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Ahem..quite right. You know I got some of The Thirteen Disciples started on a Kool-aid and Yoghurt diet? The irony is I don't even eat the stuff but I do love my cherry Kool-Aid
[*Kerr-ching! advertising royalties come rolling in*
BalthazarB would like to mention a quick word or fifteen about one of our sponsors: Alpro really rockin non-dairy desserts and yoghurts for those discerning vegans out there!]
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Anyways I'll cut to the bus-stop; the real reason I am calling is to ask when you are good to do the interview and pics for the blog?
I think the group 'The Thirteen Disciples' numbers around 11 or 12 at the moment so I am going to start profiling you all. First off I would like to do a feature called 'The Good, The Mad And The Furry'. I also recruited some chap out of the Spanish inquisition today so feeling quite pleased with myself. Today any good for you?
Fender Todd: Um, if you would like to, sure, hon. Let me see..the pool-boy's almost done, then I have a pedicure at 3-30. How about 5-00?
BalthazarB Barthelmess: 5-00 is furfect, I'll send a limo over to pick you up?
Fender Todd: Yes, let me get dressed nicely for you and I will be see you at 5-00.
BalthazarB Barthelmess: That's great, thank you..not too nicely I have to concentrate!
Fender Todd laughs softly. Well, then, any particular style you'd prefer, hon?
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Your style is good
Fender Todd: Ok see you later then.
BalthazarB Barthelmess: Ok, bis balt!
Hangs-up and thinks to himself: This media lark is a doddle!

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