Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Me In All My Beastly Beauty

What to say?
I'm in SL for fun but also looking at some commercial interests.
I'm looking to meet a few good people and hope to make some new friends and possibly collaborate with others.
I have travelled extensively and my journeys are not yet finished. Born in Europe currently residing in London UK. I really enjoy to communicate with people from other places and cultures. I have no time for right-wingers, neo-cons, nazis or fascists; the same goes for homophobes, racists and any other sort of fuck-ups of whom the above listed I regard (I might also say, this list is not exhaustive and I will add to it if necessary).
Mail me at:
If you like,
but be aware that I am Buck,
Buck Satan; don't fuck with Buck cos Buck will fuck you up!
If you come in peace then we'll all get along fine; if you don't then I can assure you that you'll leave in pieces. Don't spam or piss me off, if you do, then you need to be good or at least better at it than me. There's also no more space for bodies in the basement.
digital media (that's my thing), stealing digital stuff, people, languages, anything off-beat, shamanism, veganism and kicking against the pricks.
Oh... I like to talk and write too.
I believe I am a good soul and can be a good friend but a terrible enemy.
I am friendly and I don't bite unless upon request; I will try to friendly-up this piece at some point in the not-too-distant future.
Have a great life!
Spiritual leader and CEO Satan Industries
aka BalthazarB The Beastly One.

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